Effective Surge Protection to Shield Your Electrical Equipment.

Lightning is incredibly destructive, releasing thousands of volts within a millisecond. DC powered equipment and powerlines are vulnerable to electrical surges or transient voltage caused by lightning. However lightning are not the only transient harmful to unprotected equipment. Utility switching, in-house switching can degrade unprotected equipment.

Critical Facility’s Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) combine compact design with robust performance to offer cost-effective solutions to surge issues. CF SPDs have been used extensively across multiple industries like Telco, Data Centers, Manufacturing, Military/Defense and Oil and Gas as part of their Total Lightning Protection solution.

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  • Effectively mitigates against lightning damages
  • Maximizes ROI on infrastructure
  • Ensures business and operations continuity in storm conditions.

Key Highlights

  • Certified to the latest regulatory standards
  • High surge capacity 600kA~800kA
  • (8/20uS) models available (UL certified)
  • Space saving Din Rail Modular Type available to ease maintenance / replacement
  • Solutions available for poor power Quality
  • Standards Conformant
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