Providing Multipoint Layers of Protection for Critical Applications.

The Spline Ball Ionizer™ is a lightning protection concept engineered to provide multipoint layers of protection for critical applications.

In its primary mode, the SBI™ lowers the risk of direct strikes with its multipoint ionizing capability that helps to keep the local electric field low, thus making the protected site less likely to be struck directly by lightning.

Reliable Protection Capable of Weathering Through Intense Storms.

Under intense storm conditions, the SBI™ functions as a highly effective air terminal, safely collecting any strikes it cannot prevent. In contrast to wire brush devices or single point air terminal that are often left ineffective after a single strike, the SBI™ continues to reduce the risk of subsequent strikes with its multiple points construction.

The SBI™ unique design and geometry also enable it to collect intense incoming strikes from any direction, providing a controlled termination of lightning strikes compared to standard air terminals.

The SBI™ can also be used in tandem with DAS™ installations when used as a lightning termination mitigation component.

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  • Effectively mitigates against lightning damages
  • Maximizes ROI on infrastructure
  • Ensures business and operations continuity in storm conditions
  • Maintains integrity of electronic equipment

Key Highlights

  • Minimizes damage potential
  • Building block towards mitigation
  • Low and high wind load models
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Available in clusters
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