Floating Roof Tanks are Especially Vulnerable to Direct and Indirect Effects of Lightning.

Studies of 480 tank fire incidents revealed that more than 30% of these fires were attributed to lightning. To mitigate the risks of such incidents, industry used metal strips known as “shunts” that electrically bonds the shell and the roof of the tank. However, the bonds established by shunts are unreliable and create a greater risk of sustained arcs.

Engineered to Cater to Protection for Floating Roof Storage Tanks.

The Retractable Grounding Assembly™ (RGA™), also known as By-Pass conductors, is designed specifically for floating roof storage tanks. They direct electrical bonding connection between the floating roof and the tank shell, substantially reducing the risks of lightning-related tank fires.

RGA outperforms other traditional bonding methods as the retractable cable is always at its shortest possible length – resulting in a low resistance and low impedance connection between the tank shell and roof.

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  • Effectively mitigates against lightning damages.
  • Maximizes ROI on infrastructure.
  • Ensures business and operations continuity in storm conditions.

Key Highlights

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Factory Pre-tensioned
  • Durable and Low Maintenance
  • Standards Conformant
  • ATEX certified
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