Protect Your Facilities Against Damage Caused by Lightning Strikes.

The Dissipation Array™ System (DAS) from Critical Facility Group is a patented solution that effectively protects critical facilities, locations and assets from direct lightning strikes and the resulting damage and downtime.

Maximum Protection

The DAS system effectively lowers the likelihood of a direct lightning strike within a given area to virtually zero. It does this by building up a space charge shield over its zone of protection. The result is that any asset within the zone no longer presents itself as a path of least resistance to lightning. If a thundercloud overhead discharges lightning, it will strike outside the zone of protection instead.

Reliable Failsafe Device

The effectiveness of the DAS system is evidenced by its track record. In over 40 years and in multiple large deployments around the world, DAS technology has had a flawless record of zero strikes to assets under protection.

Stellar Track Record

The DAS tower also functions as a failsafe device in the unlikely event that lightning activity occurs over the zone. In such an instance, the tower is designed to absorb the strike, then work in tandem with complementary solutions from Critical Facility to ensure proper grounding and surge protection for the assets within the zone of protection.

Lightning Strikes can Cause Substantial Harm to Your Processes.

For nearly three centuries, the only protection from lightning has been the rudimentary lightning rod invented by American founding father Benjamin Franklin to provide lightning a passage to the ground. However, this traditional technology does not protect facilities against the wide-ranging damage caused by a lightning strike.

For example, lightning strikes can cause an electrical surge or electromagnetic pulse that permanently compromises sensitive microelectronics and affects a manufacturing line’s sensors and equipment. Or it could ruin a whole batch of manufactured electronics without any visible signs that they no longer work as designed.

In 1969, the Apollo 12 lunar mission was put in jeopardy when the rocket was struck twice by lightning. Following the incident, NASA scientist Roy Carpenter made it his mission to find an effective countermeasure against lightning strikes. What he invented became the technology behind the current DAS system from Critical Facility Group.

Need More Information?

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  • Effectively mitigates against lightning and other weather-related damage.
  • Maximizes ROI on infrastructure and equipment.
  • Ensures business and operation continuity in storm conditions.
  • Maintains integrity of electronic equipment and manufacture products.

Key Highlights

  • Continuous protection against lightning-related damage within protection zone.
  • Two-mode operation: mitigation (no strike) and controlled termination (strike).
  • Passive engineered solution, requires no power.
  • Customized for each location for maximum effectiveness.

Client Testimonial

We have used your Dissipation Array™ System (DAS) at a number of our locations in Singapore for the last 4 years and have good experience with the system. Since the installation, the number of lightning strikes either directly or indirectly in the protected area had diminished. It shows that the system works as per specification to prevent lightning strikes in the protected area. General Manager M1 Engineering, Radio Operations
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