Optimal Grounding System for Your Lightning Protection Infrastructure.

Chem-Rod® is an efficient grounding system that solves problems found with conventional ground rods. The usual ground rods requires more real estate and electrodes to meet specified resistance and are typically insufficient for industrial uses where target resistance can be less than 1 ohm.

Each Chem-Rod creates an optimal electrical connection to earth with a large conductive surface. The earth/electrode interface is further enhanced by conductive backfill and electrolytic salts, ensuring a consistent path to ground. Engineered to meet applicable design and safety standards, the Chem-Rod is uniquely suited for both general grounding and as the foundation of a complete lightning protection system.

Chem-Rod® can also be used as an essential component of a complete lightning and electrical mitigation systems.

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  • Effectively mitigates against lightning damages
  • Maximizes ROI on infrastructure
  • Ensures business and operations continuity in storm conditions
  • Maintains integrity of electronic equipment

Key Highlights

  • Lower ground resistance / impedance achieved with fewer rods
  • Maintains low resistance in various seasons and soil conditions
  • Effectively discharges lightning current/stray current safely to ground to protect personnel, equipment and operations
  • Cost-effective solution for achieving targeted resistance at large sites or where space is limited with lesser real estate and fewer rods required
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Designed for easy inspection and refill
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