Dissipation Array™ System (DAS)

The Dissipation Array™ System (DAS) from Critical Facility Group is a patented solution that effectively protects critical facilities, locations and assets from direct lightning strikes and the resulting damage and downtime.

  • Continuous protection against lightning-related damage within protection zone.
  • Two-mode operation: mitigation (no strike) and controlled termination (strike).
  • Passive engineered solution, requires no power.
  • Customized for each location for maximum effectiveness.

Retractable Grounding Assembly (RGA™)

The Retractable Grounding Assembly™ (RGA™), also known as By-Pass conductors, is designed specifically for floating roof storage tanks. They direct electrical bonding connection between the floating roof and the tank shell, substantially reducing the risks of lightning-related tank fires.

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Factory Pre-tensioned
  • Durable and Low Maintenance
  • Standards Conformant
  • ATEX certified

Spline Ball Ionizer™ (SBI™)

The Spline Ball Ionizer™ is a lightning protection concept engineered to provide multipoint layers of protection for critical applications.

  • Minimizes damage potential
  • Building block towards mitigation
  • Low and high wind load models
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Available in clusters


Chem-Rod® is an efficient grounding system that solves problems found with conventional ground rods that requires more real estate and electrodes to meet specified resistance and are typically insufficient for industrial uses where target resistance can be less than 1 ohm.

  • Lower ground resistance / impedance achieved with fewer rods
  • Maintains low resistance in various seasons and soil conditions
  • Effectively discharges lightning current/stray current safely to ground to protect personnel, equipment and operations
  • Cost-effective solution for achieving targeted resistance at large sites or where space is limited with lesser real estate and fewer rods required
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Designed for easy inspection and refill

Surge Protection Devices (SPDs)

Critical Facility Group’s Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) combine compact design with robust performance to offer cost effective solution to surge issues.

  • Certified to the latest regulatory standards
  • High surge capacity 600kA~800kA
  • (8/20uS) models available (UL certified)
  • Space saving Din Rail Modular Type available to ease maintenance / replacement
  • Solutions available for poor power Quality
  • Standards Conformant

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