Full solutions specialising in protecting facilities from the effects of lightning strikes and related issues.

Critical Facility is a full solutions engineering, service and products company specialising in protecting facilities of all types and sizes from the effects, both direct and indirect, of lightning strikes and related issues. Our key expertise is in the area of Lightning Protection and electrical weather anomalies, covering Direct Strike Protection, Surge Protection, Grounding, Consultancy, Information and other services.

Our methods incorporate physics and state-of-the-art engineering principles to implement unique lightning protection systems (LPS), solutions and services across multiple industries. We have created successful and cost-efficient designs that ensure all destructive elements of a lightning strike are accounted for, including both primary and secondary effects.

Over the years, CF has successfully protected numerous clients from industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Defence, Telecommunication, Transportation, Sporting Facilities, Theme parks and Utilities. Together with our worldwide network of affiliated companies, we have protected thousands of sites for more than 80,000 operational years of successful protection.

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